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More than a  

 Predictive Dialer 

The Convoso Advantage

Increase ROI on Existing Leads

Convert Leads in Record Time 

Our multi-channel lead conversion functions will ensure that you convert as many of your leads into sales as possible. Find out how your leads will last you twice as long with Convoso when compared to your current platform with the same effort!

Automation rules will allow you to pre-set contact schedules which will decide when and how often to call, text, email, or drop a voicemail. The result is an increase in driving inbound calls and have them talking to your agents before your competitors will.

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Small Teams

(1-10 Seats)

TalkNow Edition

Outbound Calls Only

Enterprise Teams

(11-500+ Seats)

TalkPro Edition

Calls + SMS + RVM + Emails

Why Just Calling Won't Cut it Anymore

Percentage of millennials that own a smartphone

Percentage of US millennial smartphone owners that text more than they talk

Our all-in-one marketing automation platform will increase your conversion rates by  automatically deciding when to:

Over 10 years of research allowed us to develop our algorithm in a way that maximizes the likelihood of getting in contact with every one of your leads.

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Increase Your Sales Pipeline

Our contact center platform instantly provides your organization with a comprehensive set of tools that will greatly increase sales results. Arm your team with an all-in-one solution designed to connect your agents with more live calls using multiple communication channels.

What Our Customers Say

"Since we've launched Convoso’s platform, we’ve gained the capital and resources to hire an additional 45 agents, increase contact rates from 40% to 70%, and streamline efficiency from an intuitive and user-friendly platform"

"Convoso's workflow automation maximized lead lists for optimal agent utilization rates and increased our list penetration rate by over 30%. We're contacting about 30% more of our leads than we were before, so it's allowing us to either buy less leads to get the same results or hire more agents to work the surplus of leads we now have."



CEO, Ascent Mortgage Resource Group

CEO, Bradley Lead Groups

Choose from multiple dialing modes:  predictive, power, preview, and progressive as well as voice broadcasting.

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Easy Integrations

Our open & powerful API system makes it easy for you to integrate with any major 3rd party applications.

Don't feel like integrating? Our built-in CRM eliminates your need to purchase or manage a completely separate CRM application.

Get More Out of Your Leads

Outbound Calls

Text Messages

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Conversational AI Agents

Our software empowers businesses to generate and convert more leads, faster. We do this by automatically nurturing your leads via:

Completely Automate
Your Outreach Strategy

Decide how often and when any action takes place. Create your own flow to suit your business's needs that executes automatically. Engage your lead from multiple angles to get them on the phone and speaking with your agents.

Send one-off text messages or mass texts with dynamic fields and two-way texting capabilities.

Our technology enables you to leave a voicemail on a cell phone without bothering your lead with a ring. (Coming soon)

Our AI will pre-qualify your leads by conducting a real dialogue with your customers as well as answers questions without the need of a live agent.

Support: Email & Chat
On-boarding: Video & Text Tutorials

  • Click to Call
  • Power Dialing
  • System Callback
  • Call Time Settings
  • Do Not Call Filters
  • Common Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Call Recordings
  • Lead Form Layouts
  • Customizable Form Fields
  • Free Form Disposition Notes
  • Basic Access & User Permissions
  • Basic Real-Time Dashboard
  • Answering Machine Detection

Support: Email, Phone & Chat
On-boarding: 1-on-1 implementation

Includes TalkNow Edition, plus:

  • Multiple Dialing Modes
  • SMS/Text Messages
  • Ringless Voicemail Drops
  • Email Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Inbound IVR / ACD
  • Caller ID Reputation Score
  • Local Caller ID
  • Interval-based Dialing
  • Agent Branch/Dynamic Scripting
  • Advanced Real-Time Dashboard
  • Easy API Integration
  • Advanced Hopper Settings
  • Multi-Campaign Login
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Agent Success Quota

  • Dial using a predictive dialer
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Drop ringless voicemails
  • Auto-qualify using AI Agents
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