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Increase your contact rate and/or conversion rate by at least 30% or get $1,000 (btw, we have yet to pay anyone) 

How Our Cloud Dialer Makes You Profitable

Superior lead recycle/redial logic, omnichannel capabilities, and real-time insights into list performance allow us to deliver more conversions with fewer leads.

We increase LEAD efficiency

Quick Dispo, guided dynamic scripting, agent monitoring tools, state/skill-based and smart inbound routing create better morale and retention.

We increase AGENT efficiency

Real-time, granular reporting, automated workflows, and dedicated Product Experts guide optimal configuration for success.

We increase MANAGER efficiency

Tom Carolan 

Founder, Digital Market Media

“Our lead to transfer rate has increased steadily from 2% to 8% since starting with Convoso three months ago. When you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of leads, that’s a huge increase.”

Our Auto Dialer Means Business

Our powerful and intuitive dialer empowers our customers to convert leads in record time, make compliant data profitable, and get real-time insight into list profitability. Automation rules allow you to pre-set contact schedules that decide when and how often to call, text, email, or drop a voicemail.

We’re so confident we can beat your current system (e.g., ViciDial, CallTools, Ytel, Xencall, Chase Data, Five9, etc.!) by at least 30% that we decided to launch the Convoso Challenge and put our money where our mouth is.

Quick Disposition

Streamlined process slashes wrap-up time and cuts the # of clicks in half for significant savings in agent hours.

Caller ID Reputation Managment

We will let you know if your caller IDs are being flagged by online databases and apps designed to block your calls.

Local Caller ID

Easily assign area-based caller IDs to geo-specific campaigns our caller lists. This feature instantly increases your outbound answer rates by automatically displaying a local caller id to the person being called.

Dial Level Scheduling

Adjust your dial level hour by hour to make more successful connections and follow your contacts’ schedules.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Real-time agent performance monitors provide monitoring, feedback, and reporting data instantly available to managers and supervisors. Coach agents on live calls using monitoring, whisper, and barge modes.

Easy API Integration

An Open API that allows for the transmission of real-time data to your CRM and/or integration with any 3rd party application.

Dynamic Scripting

Scripting guides your agents through calls using your customized templates which navigates the agent to the appropriate response – ensuring accuracy on every call.

Follow The Sun Dialing

Call your contacts at a time that works for them. Convoso’s follow-the-sun system selects each lead at the time of day when they’ll be most responsive.

Workflow Dialing

Calculate the perfect time to call each lead. Stagger scheduled calls to reach out to customers again and again, without getting voicemails or becoming predictable.

Robust Lead Management

Store, manage, and convert all of your leads all in one single platform. Lead drips automatically manage lead movement from list to list and campaign to campaign.

Multi-Campaign Login

Agents can log into multiple campaigns at once and see an increase in efficiency and agent productivity.

Answering Machine Detection

Our answering machine detection is enabled by default and detects answering machines at a 97% accuracy rate to avoid wasted calls.

Flexible Contact Center Features

Designed to Scale Growing Centers with 10+ Agents

Predictive, Progressive, and Preview Dialers, TCPA Compliance Features

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Automate Workflows.

Improve Efficiency.

Scale Business.

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Multiple Dialing Modes: Predictive, Power, and Preview Dialers

Omnichannel Communication: Call, Text, Email, and Smart VM Drops

Customizable Real Time Reporting & Dashboards

Advanced Lead Management with Workflow Automation

TCPA Compliance Tools and Integrations

Caller ID Reputation Management

Outbound Call Centers

Blended Call Centers

Integrated Outbound, ACD, IVR, and Omnichannel

Easy Integrations

Choose from a full library of integration plus custom API setup!