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Reaching the right customers at the right time has grown more challenging as call blocking/flagging continues to increase. Insurance lead gen call centers have to take these challenges head on in 2021 or run the risk of being left behind their competition. 

In our panel discussion, alongside industry experts at ActiveProspect, we will tackle these top frustrations and how to combat them with the 3 Cs: consent, compliance & contact rates.

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Thursday, January 28

11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

  • Best practices in consent-based marketing to gain more customers
  • Why your calls aren’t getting through and what you can do about it 
  • The right strategies today to improve contact rate and caller ID reputation

Jacob Rodriguez

Jacob Rodriquez has over 16 years in the insurance industry. He's met with over 1,000 insurance agencies nationwide and has a background in direct sales and call center operations. He also has insurance lead purchase experience buying from top lead insurance vendors. As an entrepreneur, he started a local Austin insurance agency which was recognized as a top Google ranked insurance agency for the state of Texas. Jacob's background also includes All Web Leads and Kemper Insurance. Today, he focuses on the auto and home insurance vertical for ActiveProspect to make customer-acquisition safe, cost-effective, and scalable for his partners.  

Nima Hakimi

Nima Hakimi has been active in the lead gen industry since he co-founded Convoso in 2006. Today, he is leading the continued growth of Convoso by persistently focusing on customer success, one of the core values he established to guide the company. As a member of LeadsCouncil’s Board of Directors, Nima is committed to helping call centers in the lead generation ecosystem be compliant as well as profitable.

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Consent, Compliance, & Contact Rate

What You'll Learn:

Director of Sales, Auto & Home Insurance, ActiveProspect

CEO & Co-Founder, Convoso

Yung Chung

Director of Sales, Health & Life Insurance, ActiveProspect

As the Director of Sales for ActiveProspect, Yung is helping to make consent-based marketing the best channel for customer acquisition.  Having a background in Lead Gen, his understanding of SEM, analytics, and Business Intelligence has given him a holistic view of the buyer/seller ecosystem that creates better outcomes for the vendors, buyers, and the end consumer.




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